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Hamilton architect undertaking a broad range of projects located in diverse environments.

Good architects know that in our daily lives we are more often that not under the influence of Architecture. The purpose of an architect is to work with the built environment to be not only functional but also uplifting and beautiful

Engaging and refined design is the way of the team at Architecto. An architectural firm must work from the belief that innovation is essential for producing good buildings, and good design comes through a deep collaboration between client, consultants and architect.

Great architecture comes from purposeful collaboration

As one of the top Architects in Hamilton, our process is underpinned by the principle of collaboration between the client and the architect

At Architecto we tailor our process so that it is rich and rewarding. We aim for outcomes that are unique to the location and life enhancing. To do this, we have to take in consideration all the elements physical, psychological and spiritual

We would love the opportunity to work with you to realise your vision and how it can be achieved

Our projects include institutional, residential, and commercial. We have diverse expertise in Hamilton, New Zealand to work across various sectors: residential, restaurant/entertainment, art galleries.

Residential Architects and Designers

We design homes that enhance peoples lives in the Hamilton Waikato Region

We are design focused, but are also focused on the feasibility of construction. We have hands-on building and construction experience in our team, and our work is carefully considered and thought through with construction methods in mind.

We look forward to meeting you — The team at Architecto

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